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Finding a Home in Boulder, CO: On-Line

Using the MLS Search for Boulder, CO:

by Arn Rasker

Finding a home in Boulder Colorado! There are so many property search tools available on-line, including Zillow.com, Realtor.com, and others. One problem with many of these search engines is that so many of the homes that you’ll find, and sometimes fall in love with, are already under contract. The data is not “fresh”. In a market such as Boulder’s current market, where inventory doesn’t stay on the market very long, trying to find a home this way can be disappointing and frustrating.

The second problem is that many of these apparent “Free” search services are not really there for your sole benefit. They provide you a limited service, but are fundamentally little more than lead generators for the agents who pay to have their pictures attached to the homes that you find through the search. Often the results will direct you towards a broker who has paid to be in that position, but may not know anything about the particular home you just found.

In Contrast: This Boulder MLS Search engine cuts through the “under contract but seeking backups” layers of old data, to bring you only current data. The MLS Search is linked directly to the IRES data base, the database used by most local real estate professionals. The MLS Search allows you to “filter” the results to exclude backups, as well as search for only homes that meet your budget and physical requirements.

This Boulder MLS Search allows you to search by Geographical Location. By zooming in or out of a different location, the resulting list of homes will change to fit the geographical map that you have focussed on. This allows you to search by selecting a geographical location first, and them look around that geographic area to find the home for you. It’s a bit like driving through your preferred neighborhood and streets, but on-line.

Filters:  You can apply numerous filters to your search.  One of the most interesting filters, besides Active/UnderContract and Price Range, is the MLS# sort filter.  By selecting the display sort from the higher MLS number to the lowest, Boulder MLS Search will bring up the most recent listings first..

Hop-on, and try the MLS Search, I think you’ll discover a very effective way to search on-line for your next home in Boulder CO.